A couple of weeks ago I took a road trip with some of my friends in the photography world! As photographers we are always looking for locations that speak to us but also speak to our clients.

Leah and Will were so free spirited!! They drove out to the Oklahoma Desert with us and enjoyed the day. Leah had her hair done by Lauren Treat from Alchemia – Art of Beauty (@laurentreatshair), and  make up by Jordan (@strandsbyjo). But, real quick, can you believe her awesome outfit?!?!? It is from @Foxtrotboutique in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

It’s so crazy to think that this Oklahoma desert is just a short drive from Northwest Arkansas. I know – Arkansas seems like its in the middle of no where, but trust me. There are some major gems close by!

If you’re looking for an adventure couples session lets do this!! I love a good travel. 🙂 Check out my profile on Wandering Weddings !!

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