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So, I know getting into your niche photography can be overwhelming & scary at first. I'm not going to say it was rainbows & butterflies because it sure as hell wasn't! I started my business in 2019 &  I got my LLC in march of 2020, which was the start of everything for me, and I am now a fulltime wedding photographer!  ! NEVER thought I would do this in under a year!! OMG. I want YOU to get to where you want to go. It's all just about knowing where to start and how. 

From what I have seen, photographers offer mentorships of 1 hour, or so and only stick to specific topics. I know when I was starting to dip my toe in the water, I had sooooo many questions and I literally forgot to ask important ones because I was so caught up in trying to "cover all the major" that things slipped through the cracks...

That  being said...

The mentorships I offer will be open topics which can range from - How to shoot in manual, how to plan a styled shoot to build your portfolio, managing social media, tips and tricks to wedding photography and so on! 

- 3 hours of 1 on 1 (can be via zoom) to discuss topics you may need help with. These hours can be divided into 1, 2 or 3 sessions. 
- 1 styled shoot curated to fit your portfolio, OR a tag-a-long to one of my weddings in 2022.
- Head shots during the styled shoot for your site.

What is included?


-1 hour options available! - $350 / hr