wedding ceremony at the neon museum in Las Vegas.

How to plan a Las Vegas Wedding – Neon Museum Addition

So you might be wondering – How the hell do I plan my wedding at The Neon Museum in Las Vegas? Well, don’t worry! This guide will help you plan the Las Vegas wedding of your dreams!!!!

First thing is first – Pick your location!!!
One of my favorite places for intimate weddings/ elopements in Las Vegas is The Neon Museum .

The neon museum is the perfect place for a nostalgic wedding day feel. I don’t know about you, but seeing La Concha as the museums lobby reminded me of visiting Las Vegas when I was a kid with my parents. – It was close to circus circus so we’d see it all the time on our way there to hang out in the arcade!
Anywho – for the neon museum, couples & their guests will enjoy a closed off section of the museum for their special day away from all other museum guests !

Another amazing place I recommend is SureThing Chapel. – this is the cutest chapel in Las Vegas!! Truly beats the white little chapel. Its got modern vibes, with the glitz of old Las Vegas!

After the ceremony, some couples enjoy a walk down Fremont st, which is perfect for a photo-op!
I know during Haley & Ry’s wedding, we got to visit some of Fremont although the streets were packed with people visiting the Life is Beautiful music festival, which was hosted on Fremont. – Even with this, we got TONS of photos on fremont & enjoyed all the views!

There are some parts of the Las Vegas Strip that are also insanely perfect for photo-ops! Whatever the las vegas experience you want to have, is how your day should be photographed!!

There are LOTS of places in Las Vegas to host the perfect reception!!

Reception time!! I know, sometime friends & family will join you on the wedding day & what perfect way to celebrate YOU than a reception!!! Planning a wedding in Las Vegas doesn’t mean you don’t get a full wedding experience. LIVE IT UP!!! During Haley & Ry’s wedding, they hosted an intimate reception at the Golden Nugget. They had a DJ, cake, dinner & dancing! All the goods!

DONT FORGET THE LICENSE!!! — before we get too excited, we also need to make sure you get your marriage license!! – Make sure you apply online for the license! You’ll be in the system for at least 1 year!

  • Both parties must complete their own information, and names must match exactly as shown on the identification that will be presented when appearing in person
  • Be sure to check all spelling, as corrections to marriage documents may result in a fee
  • Once submitted, save your confirmation number and bring it with you
    Together, go to the Clark County Marriage License Bureau
  • No appointment is necessary and it typically takes less than one hour
  • Provide the clerk your confirmation number or names and present your identification
  • Verify all of your information is correct before leaving
  • Pay the $102 fee (convenience fee extra if paid by credit/debit)
  • If you haven’t already, select a wedding chapel or wedding planner (civil marriage services are available through the Clerk’s Office and must be booked online)
  • Bring all of your paperwork with you to the ceremony (marriage license, marriage certificate and keepsake)
  • State your vows in front of at least one witness (someone other than the Officiant)
  • The Officiant will file your marriage certificate within ten calendar days (if you need proof of marriage earlier, discuss options with your Officiant)

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