Aimee & Ethan First Look Wedding day

Aimee & Ethan’s September 2020 wedding in Bentonville / Fayetteville was SO beautiful.

I met Aimee in early 2020 right before COVID kicked in. When Arkansas went into the first wave of a “lock down” keeping distance was key! Through this all, I wanted to provide people a sense of normality, even when we were going through something so unknown. Aimee booked a Front Porch Session with me in March, later I photographed a session with her, her sister, her mom & their spouses for Mothers Day. Shortly after, she reached out about photographing her wedding day!

They had their ceremony at the beautiful St Catherine’s in Arkansas. (If you haven’t checked out this venue, I truly think you should!!)

St. Catherine's at Bell Gable in Arkansas

Their wedding colors were perfect jewel tones, with hints of pastels! Stem’s By Em killed it with the florals!!!

One thing I had to make sure I captured, were Aimee’s shoes! When we sat down to discuss her wedding, she was glowing when she brought up her perfect shoes!! Vintage Christian Louboutin’s! Christian Louboutin


All in all though, their day was so beautiful. An early morning ceremony, with a fun brunch reception surrounded by close family & friends.

I can’t tell you guys how much I loved being able to create such a beautiful bond with my clients, that I end up being able to see them during lifechanging moments, let alone photograph them!

The photo at the bottom of this page is one that is in the December 2020 issue of Rock N Roll Bride Magazine! (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?!) I found out in November that this was happening, and I couldn’t wait to share the news with Aimee & Ethan!

This was all just icing on the cake. But even without that, this day was just so Aimee & Ethan. I loved it!! Can we go back to it?!


Aimee & Eithan - Wedding Day - Cake - Florals by Stems By Em Rock N Roll Bride Aimee & Ethan Wedding

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